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Where we are

cartina CAR
Highway A14 Bologna - Taranto
Motorway toll-house Fano Exit
Speedway SS 73 Bis E 78 Fano-Grosseto
Serrungarina Exit SS73 Bis E 78 Fano-Grosseto
Serrungarina Exit -turn to the left
Go on to the direction "Serrungarina"
Follow the indications "Al Mandorlo"

Railway lines:
Milan - Bologna - Ancona - Lecce
Rome - Falconara - Fano - Pesaro
You can choose whether to catch a taxi or a line bus
Timetable Trains Railroads of the State

Airport in Rimini with shuttle connected to the train station.
Airport in Falconara Marittima, connected to the train station in Ancona.